2013 Prices

Engine oil change 4 cyl, 6 cyl, and small blocks $ 150.00  Includes marine oil filter,
proper grade engine oil, all other fluids checked and inspect all belts and hoses.

Engine oil change big blocks $ 170.00

Change out drive oil Mercury
Alpha $ 75.00 Bravo $95.00 Includes synthetic gear oil
bellows checked and fittings greased, also anodes checked for wear.

Change drive oil Volvo $ 1
05.00  Same as above also includes props removed and
spines greased and props re installed.

Hull acid washed $ 14.00 per foot.  Hull washed from water line down to keel including
all under water machinery.

At customer request Fuel stabilizer put in tanks at no labour charge just cost of
stabilizer $15.00 per 50 gallons of fuel.

All pricing subject to HST