About Us
Bishop Marine Service Ltd is a family owned business.  
Before starting Bishop Marine Service, Adam Bishop
worked in the automotive industry for 14 years as an
inter provincially licenced technician and has worked in
the marine indusrty for 11 years.
Training and Skills
Trained at Chapmans School of Seamanship in Stuart Florida as a yacht and small craft
surveyor. Internationally recognized, Chapman’s School of Seamanship has more than three
decades of experience in training students from around the world in areas of mariner training
such as surveying, mechanics, navigation, seamanship, and boat handling in power and sail.

The program involved learning all about fiberglass, wood and aluminum hull constructions.
Sailboat rigging, as well as all systems on board a vessel.  Including AC and DC electrical,
hydraulic, steering, air conditioning, fuel, water and waste systems.
ABYC is a safety standards organization that is recognized in the marine industry that new
manufacturers build to compliance with and a marine surveyor should inspect to.  As a
member I have the ability to inspect vessels to these strict standards ensuring your vessel
complies to the highest safety standards in the industry.  For more information about ABYC
please refer to the  
ABYC website
Trained at Centennial college in Toronto and graduated as a certified inter-provincial
automotive technician. This licence is recognized anywhere in North America. Training
included gasoline engines, transmissions, electronic installations and diagnostic skills as
well as hydraulic systems and drive-train components. Training is all in accordance with
the Canadian Automotive Society of Engineers.  
Adam Bishop
SAMS Surveyor Associate
Inter-Provincial Licenced
The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS) is recognized
around the world as a leading group of marine surveyors.  SAMS is
recognized by all insurance companies because of the high
standards it requires of their surveyors.
SAMS is intended to be an organization of Professional Marine
Surveyors who have come together to promote the good image and
general well being of their chosen profession.  For more information
visit their