Bishop Marine Service offers marine survey services in Southern Ontario. Located in Toronto,
we provide excellent service to all of Lake Ontario, the north shore of Lake Erie, Lake Simcoe,
and Georgian Bay. Further destinations can be arranged.

Adam Bishop is a member of ABYC as well as SAMS and able to survey all power and sail

Marine surveys:
  • Pre-Purchase                               
  • Insurance
  • Appraisal
  • Damage
  • Sea Trials
  • Engine

We also offer the following marine services:          
  • Full mechanical repair servicing
  • Hull waxing
  • Boat cleaning
  • Boat Graphics
Pricing for surveys is based on a per linear foot range. Pricing for other work is available on
request per job.  For quotes or any other questions involving your surveying needs or other
marine maintenance requirements please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to get
back to you.
Bishop Marine Service surveys in accordance with Transport Canada rules and regulations
for small craft, as well as ABYC regulations which Transport Canada refers to in many of it's
sections. Our goal is to ensure your safety and satisfaction not only with our work, but with   
your vessel.  A properly maintained boat in sea worthy condition not only greatly improves the
vessels value, but also ensures you and your family/guests a safe and enjoyable time on the
Here is a 2005 boat still under warranty that has blisters in many locations. Having the
survey done at this point before the warranty has ended, the owner now knows the extent of
the hull damage and can have the boat repaired under warranty. If not checked and left
another year or longer  the cost of the repairs would have fallen on the owner and
amounted to several thousand dollars. This survey saved the owner a lot of money and
This boat was surveyed for a pre-purchase and appraisel. The customer looking at this vessel
thought that it was in poor condition and was not familiar with some of the electrical systems.
After the survey was performed, all the systems were confirmed to be original equipment and
to be in good working condition.  The 32 volt DC electrical system was also explained.  After
the survey the boat was determined to be in good condition and only needed a few minor and
inexpensive repairs. In this case the survey found an older vessel that was in good condition
and was a good deal to buy.
Here is a 1994 34 foot express cruiser, it was surveyed for a pre-purchase and appraisal. The
customer looking at this cruiser thought this vessel was in good condition. The survey
revealed a vessel in poor condition and would have cost the new owner $10 to $15 thousand
dollars in repairs just to make the vessel sea worthy. This survey showed the prospective
buyer the poor condition and the true value of this vessel which was well below the average
price for this year, make and size cruiser. The information obtained through this survey gives
the buyer the ability to decide if they wish to purchase this vessel but negotiate with the seller
a much lower price or to walk away.
Here is a good example of an older boat 1988 Sea Ray with a red strip that has been badly
oxidized from the sun. After we cleaned and polished this boat it looked brand new.
Adam Bishop is a SAMS SURVEYOR